Frequently Asked Questions

1 How does this service work?

You start by placing an order with us. To place an order, kindly contact us via the Contact form or send us a direct Email Via: regarding the document you want us to produce for you. Once we receive your email, we shall respond you with the full information and qualities of the document you are ordering and once you confirm us the quality(Real Or Fake) you want, we shall provide you the price of the supposed document regarding it's quality and the Terms of producing the document. Once you confirm the price and terms, we shall proceed with the production process of your document and once we are done with the production of your document, we shall proceed with delivery of your document.

2 Why should I trust your service?

We are professionals in this and we have been doing this for years now with 100% success. Apart from the Testimonials our clients give, you can go through our website to see some few samples of documents and the sample video. We receive a minimum of 2-7 orders everyday from clients worldwide and they always recommend our services to others once they receive their documents. So be rest assured of our legitimacy.

3 Can I fully pay for my document after i receive it?

For security and production reasons, we accept 100% payment upfront. We can only accept 70% upfront depending on the documents and the amount you are paying, minimum amount is 1000€ that we accept 70% deposit on. You will complete the remaining money when we have send you a picture of your document so we can do the delivery of your document to the address you will provide to us.

4 I have a real passport, but I want a fake passport from you guys with a different information.

What ever document you want us to produce for you, whether Real or Fake, all we need from you is the information that you decide to give us. Be it your Real information or Not, we shall use them to produce your document. So any information you provide us with is the same information you shall find in your document.

5 How authentic do your documents look?

The documents that we develop are of great quality and appear just as great as the original ones. The final versions do NOT contain the word "Sample" or "Specimen" on. Please email us if you would like to see a sample first.

6 How long do the documents take to create?

Time of production generally depends on the document in question, but production time for all our documents ranges between 48 and 96 hours on working days, but in cases where the client needs the document urgently, production can take as little as 24 hours for an additional fee.

7 Are there discounts available?

Yes, there are discounts for the returning customers. We can also offer discounts to customers ordering multiple documents at one time.

8 My item has not arrived, what do I do?

If your item has not arrived, please email us and we will resend it free of charge.

9 Can changes to the document be made if there are mistakes that are found?

Yes definitely, if the document does not match the order that is placed changes will be made free of charge. You will also get a preview before the postage is made so that you do not locate any errors in your documentation. If you by chance approve the document preview that we send and approve it despite a mistake, then we will charge you extra because it is not our fault.

10 Is my information secure?

Any information that is provided to us will not be given to a third party or sold to any other company. We never send out advertisements and your information is kept securely in our system. We have a lot of security that will make sure that your private information is not leaked anywhere else. Protection of information is very important and you can definitely rely on us to keep your information safe and confidential at all times.

11 I still have more questions that I would like to get cleared. What should I do?

If you want you can contact us by email and we will be glad to help you with any questions or issues that you may have.

12What payment methods do you accept?

We accept three forms of payment : MoneyGram, Western Union and bank transfers. MoneyGram and Western Union are usually immediately available hence shortens processing time while bank transfers take between 24 and 72 hours to be available, but the client has the choice to any of the above payment methods.